Creative Packshot And Product Photography Services

Providing professional product photography services to retailers, brands, entrepreneurs, and businesses through the United Kingdom and further afield.

Packshot Product Photography In A Few Simple Steps

Studio Packshots provides professional product photography services for websites, printed media (magazines, leaflets, brochures), exhibitions, and originators of online movies. We specialise in creative and packshot studio photography for websites, effectively showing off your product’s best features. Our photography helps explain all about your items, how they work and all the benefits they provide.

We have been fine tuning our photographic skills for over 30 years. As a result, we have the knowledge and experience to capture great shots no matter what the product is. We excel with retouching, colour matching, and photo-editing. In addition, our services also include 360 photography and videos (Company, Product, Educational).

From cars, washing machines, electrical components, hot and cold food, and clothing to diamonds, jewellery and watches – you name it. With our extensive experience, the chances are we have photographed it before.

The majority of our packshot product photography is undertaken in our professional photography studio located on the outskirts of Leicester.

After that, we can supply images in your preferred format (TIFF, RAW, JPG, PNG, etc). We also offer specialist photo retouching services, ensuring all details are brought to life where required while preserving authenticity. In the case of website photography, we like to establish a consistent style from the beginning. This allows the products on your website to be displayed in a consistent manner.

If you wish to obtain a quote for our services, simply contact us here and we will get in touch with you shortly.

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